Formulr featured app store

Formulr featured by Apple ‘New Apps We Love’

The Formula 1™ season exploded with the first event of the year, the 2018 FORMULA 1 ROLEX AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX, using motorsport platform Formulr. Since then, not only have fans been enjoying motorsport’s best user experience but Apple and Google recently featured the platform as “new apps we love”.

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F1 Formulr Redbull VIP

Formulr heads to FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO with Red Bull

There’s a reason why the Monaco Grand Prix week is famously known around the world. The way a single event takes over an entire city-state to thrill and entertain fans is incredible. There’s an atmosphere about the whole place – wherever you walk, the spectacle of Formula One touches everything.
Monaco is mapped like a maze, but we soon found the way to our destination – the Red Bull Energy Station.

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Formulr iOS discover

Formulr launches at the 2018 FORMULA 1® ROLEX AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX

The 2018 Formula 1 season is set to explode with the first event of the year, the Rolex Australian Grand Prix, using motorsport platform Formulr to attract and engage a new, larger audience.

Promotional activations will launch across Melbourne from Friday with new users in the city who download Formulr free from the App Store or Google Play having the chance to win two tickets to the Mark Webber Grandstand at the Grand Prix.

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WRC Monaco

FIA World Rally Championship Launch

Ever wonder what it’s like to immerse yourself in both the glamour and thrill of motorsport at the same time? Formulr found out on a recent trip to Monaco after being invited to the FIA World Rally Championship Season Launch.

Monte Carlo was abuzz with celebrities, legendary former drivers and excited fans as the suspense was building around Casino Square – the world’s media catching every moment.

Proudly standing by their powerful machines, M-Sport, Hyundai and Abu Dhabi Total (Citroen) were ready to showcase rally to the world in the best way possible by offering exclusive passenger rides.

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Formulr iOS Camera

The Future of Motorsport

Throughout its 120-year history, a long list of pioneers have helped revolutionise the motorsport industry and paved the way for many more to follow in their footsteps.

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Formula Monaco 1955

Rediscovering Iconic Moments

As part of our mission to help the world relive the most iconic moments in motorsport’s history, we interviewed some of the industry’s greats – capturing every story which will soon be relived in Formulr.

Relaxed and enthusiastic, Sir Stirling Moss answered the phone for one of our first interviews. Giving us an insight to his life as a racing car driver, Sir Stirling told tales of his narrow escape during the 1958 Argentine Grand Prix, when he quite literally drove the tyres off his Cooper-Climax T-43.

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